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About Zita Clausen

Autodidact artist.

life is an emotional ride, in every way. However, a universe exists for all of us. A place where soul and thoughts find peace. For me, it has all my life been through a creativity "Zen zone". Brush strokes on a canvas, is like music for the ears, for the artist as well as the viewer. I am a curious artist and I like very much to challenge myself. I work with several types of media techniques in my works, as in interactions that form unique expressions. My work reflects who i am, From start to finish. But also that i dare without hesitation. It´s mostly when we move outside our comfort zone that things really start to happen. A work with a light streak and gentle shades, gives you the feelings and thoughts that goes straight where the heart beats, waiting to be expressed. Another with strong contrasts and colors in chaotic compatibility, forms the framework for the time that comes and goes, for better or for worse. My artworks are somehow, kinds of colorful portraits of us all, with the emotions and suffering life can bring. I strive to make the viewer notice and feel.


" Art is for the one who sees"

I only use quality in my work, i want it to be a safe purchase.

It should preferably be a lifetime enjoyment.

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